How A Humble Bicycle Can Improve Your Life

We all had so much fun on our bikes as children, we would spend time outdoors and get exercise without even realizing. But as we get older our bikes get traded in for cars, and then we lose all of the amazing benefits associated with them. But you should take the lead from your inner child and get back on your bike! It can improve your life in so many different ways; there’s no reason it should be

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sat in the shed collecting dust. Here are some of the reasons you should grab your bicycle and get back out there again.


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Biking Improves Physical Health

There are so many amazing health benefits from biking. It improves your cardiovascular health dramatically. It strengthens joints, bones and reduces excess body fat. It improves your muscles and flexibility and even boosts your immune system so you’re less susceptible to disease. It massively improves just about every area of your physical health. Unlike walking, running and other high impact activities, cycling is easy on the joints meaning most people can do it.

Travelling By Bicycle Saves You Money

Riding your bike is free. Think about how much that could save you over the space of months or years, if you used it for all of your short journeys? Compared with paying for expensive public transport or putting fuel in your car, it’s a no brainer. There’s no road tax or other expenses to think about, just the cost of the bike itself and bicycle insurance. This ensures that you won’t be left out of pocket if it gets stolen. While biking won’t be possible for all journeys, for getting about locally it’s possibly the best form of transport. It’s fast, free and convenient.

Biking Improves Mental Health

Biking can be extremely fun so you get the enjoyment factor, and is a way of getting exercise without even realize you’re doing it. You can get the family together and go on a fun bike ride as a great bonding experience. Getting out on your bike and getting some fresh air, as well as the aerobic activity can boost mood and reduce stress levels. As you cycle, you force nerve cells in the brain to fire. You increase the production of neurons in the brain and release happy chemicals such as endorphins into the body to give you a natural high.

Biking Can Help To Save The Environment

If we all made small changes in our daily lives, we could make a substantial difference for the better to improve the planet. Biking is an entirely clean method of transport. No fossil fuels are burned, and there is no negative impact on the environment whatsoever. Carpooling and using public transport can help to reduce adverse effects on the environment rather than using your own car. However, they still do burn fuel, and this causes irreparable damage to the ozone layer. If you’re serious about reducing your carbon footprint, travelling on a trusty bicycle is a fantastic option. Knowing that you’re doing all you can to save the environment can give you a sense of self-esteem too.

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