Gift Ideas Tweens Will Love

Buying for ‘tweens,’ kids aged eight to twelve can be extremely difficult. They’ve grown out of toys and feel grown up, but in reality, they’re still very young. They’re likely to be very choosy and know their own mind, and probably aren’t afraid to tell you if they dislike something! This transitional phase can make gift buying for birthdays and other occasions a bit of a nightmare. If you’re racking your brains on what to buy for a tween, here are some ideas they’re sure to love.




Has your child shown an interest in a certain activity? Buying them classes could be a great way to improve their skills and confidence. Whether it’s cookery, a sport, horse riding, music lessons or something else- it’s a fun way for them to explore their interests. It gets them away from their screens and helps them to meet and socialize with others outside of school.


Tickets to concerts are sure winners for tweens. Music tends to be a big influence in the lives of young people, and you can be sure that they’re crazy about a good few bands and artists. If you have sports fans in the house, tickets to sporting events are another great way to go. Otherwise, you could buy things like annual passes for cinemas, bowling, and other activities. If they’re mature enough, you could drop them off with their friends each weekend and pick them up again. A great way for tweens to start gaining independence but in a safe and controlled way.


The tween years are a time when kids will start to develop their own sense of style. Chances are they already know how they like to dress, and during their free time probably want to impress! Designer brands like kids Stone Island garments could be one option. These higher end pieces will be good quality, wash well and are sure to go down well with tweens wanting to dress well. Alternatively, you could set a budget and go on a shopping day, allowing them to choose pieces they like the look of. A fun way to spend a birthday!

A Day Out

Finally, instead of a physical gift, you could treat them to a day out instead. If you were feeling particularly generous, you could allow them to bring a friend too. It could be a theme park, water park, adventure day or something else. Maybe there’s something they’ve had their eye on for a while- a birthday or special occasion is the perfect chance to treat them. Along with some spending money which they can spend as they choose, it’s an exciting treat they’re sure to really appreciate.



Are your children in the ‘tween’ years? What kinds of gifts do you buy them on birthdays and other special occasions?

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