The Best Electric Dryers for $800 or Less

The Best Electric Dryers for $ 800 or Less

Dryers haven’t changed as dramatically as washers in the past decade, and yet the top-scoring dryers in Consumer Reports’ tests cost $ 1,200 to $ 1,450. Manufacturers designed them so they can be paired with matching washers, and the washer price drives the dryer price. But for $ 800 or less, you can still buy a great dryer that gets the job done.

Electric dryers are the big sellers, and the electric dryers highlighted below aced drying, and were quiet or relatively quiet. Most scored very good in capacity, meaning they should fit about 20 to 24 pounds of laundry. Two scored excellent, and should be able to hold about 25 pounds or more of laundry. You’ll see the manufacturer’s claimed cubic feet in the Features & Specs tab in our dryer Ratings. And of course these electric dryers have moisture sensors. Compared to thermostat dryers, moisture sensors are better at determining when laundry is dry, and then shutting off the machine.

Dryers to Consider

  • Samsung DV42H5600EW, $ 720
  • LG DLEY1701V, $ 750
  • LG DLEX3570, $ 800
  • Kenmore 81382, $ 650
  • LG DLE1001W, $ 650
  • Kenmore 81182, $ 700
  • Kenmore 69132, $ 800
  • Samsung DV45H7200EW, $ 800
  • LG DLE3170W, $ 720
  • Kenmore Elite 81582, $ 800
  • LG DLEX3370, $ 700
  • Maytag Maxima MED5100DW, $ 750

More choices
Our dryer Ratings include dozens of electric dryers that we’ve bought and tested. We score drying performance, capacity, convenience, and noise of electric dryers. Years of testing found that the gas dryers perform similarly, so you’ll see Ratings for them, based on the performance of the electric model. Gas dryers usually cost about $ 100 more than electric dryers. 

With so many to choose from, use the dryer Ratings filter to narrow your choices by brand, price, and more. The Features & Specs tab lets you compare dimensions and features, and the brand reliability information tells you which brands are the most repair-prone, according to the more than 105,000 people we surveyed. To help you decide, send questions to  

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